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Welcome To Glenview Park

Glenview Park’s 10 and 11 acre allotments feature mature trees and sweeping valley vistas to the Strathbogie Ranges, yet they are only a 5 minute drive on sealed roads to Bonnie Doon and 15 minutes to the larger centre of Mansfield. Combined with close proximity to recreational facilities, this makes Glenview Park on Glen Creek Road the right location if you are looking for the perfect rural lifestyle.

Mansfield provides the surrounding district with a wide range of businesses, banks, shops and cafes, as well as schools, a hospital and an 18-hole golf course. It is the gateway to the snowfields of Mt Buller and Mount Stirling, and to the tracks and trails of the High Country. Bonnie Doon on the edge of Lake Eildon is known for its water sports and boating facilities (and for its role in The Castle movie). Lake Nillahcootie on the Mansfield Benalla Road is within easy reach. Only two minutes from Glenview Park, a rail trail for cyclists and walkers links Mansfield with Bonnie Doon, Yark, Alexandra, Yea and Tallarook.

Over the years Glen Creek Road has seen many changes. Gold was discovered at Glen Creek, Dry Creek and in the Strathbogies in the second half of 19th Century. Europeans came to take up the land, with some of their early farmhouses still standing, and the three oak trees near the gate to Allotment 6 are testimony to the Glen Creek School which once stood there between 1902 and 1949. It is also part of the Kelly story. When the late afternoon sun highlights Wild Dog Rock to the right of Mt Strathbogie, you can imagine Ned Kelly up there as local legend has it, scanning the valley below for any troublesome troopers.

But maybe it is easier for you to imagine the future: relaxing moments on your verandah enjoying the birdsong, the open spaces and the glory of sunset skies. Some things never change. Imagine making Glenview Park part of your story too.